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Antivol universel Lakinas™ -  Lakinas™
Antivol universel Lakinas™ -  Lakinas™
Antivol universel Lakinas™ -  Lakinas™
Antivol universel Lakinas™ -  Lakinas™
Antivol universel Lakinas™ -  Lakinas™
Antivol universel LAKINAS™ -  Lakinas™

Noorhouse™ universal lock

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Noorhouse™ LOCK

End motorcycle thefts with our new anti-theft device.
Protect your motorcycle from potential thieves or motorcycle enthusiasts with our Noorhouse™  lock  .
The Noorhouse™ lock combines quality and safety in one product. Made of high strength titanium steel  It blocks the throttle grip and brake lever, making it difficult for a thief to move the motorcycle What makes this lock a very good investment, as much in the quality as in the price. 
To assemble it, you have to open the device and position it so that the handle and the brake lever go into the slots provided for this purpose, then lower the cover to lock everything in place.  


If you love your motorcycle, you want the best possible theft protection . Especially if you don't have your own garage for your two-wheeler. You must take precautions in terms of security. So what are you waiting for to spoil your motorcycle?
Extremely easy to install without assembly, you will  increase the security against theft of your motorcycle in seconds. Our locks are known to be universal for motorcycles, scooters, electric motorcycles, quads and ATVs.
Prevent the theft of your motorcycle with our tamper-proof locking system . By locking the accelerator, the anti-theft device makes it impossible for thieves to steal your motorcycle . It is also a great alternative to locking the wheels!

You can carry it everywhere with you!

So you can be sure to always have your motorcycle lock with you to protect yourself against theft.
Unlike standard motorcycle locks, the advantage of this anti-theft model is that the suspected thief can immediately recognize it as such.
In addition, the highly visible lock  reduces the risk of forgetting it as the driver.
Because a discreet locking of the brake discs is often forgotten and can then damage the brake system or cause the motorcycle to tip over.
The lock is compact and can be easily stowed in your pocket or purse!
Weight: About 450 grams.

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