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The Enchanted Moon Lamp™
The Enchanted Moon Lamp™
The Enchanted Moon Lamp™
The Enchanted Moon Lamp™
The Enchanted Moon Lamp™

The Enchanted Moon Lamp™

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Let The Serenity Awaken! ✨

Transform any room in your home into a magical wonderland. With SparklyLamps™️, It's time to find your inner oasis and immerse yourself in magic.

Are you ready to wake up to serenity? 💕

Add Peace & Romantic Vibe To Your Home
Just relax & enjoy our beautiful enchanted Moon Lamp. Finally, add a sense of coziness and an everlasting dreamy glow to any space like no other in a flash!

Just turn on the light, sit nearby and get ready for serenity!

Transforms Any Room In Seconds
Put it anywhere! SparklyLamps™ designed to fit anywhere. This elegant piece can be used as a bedroom nightlight, dinner table mood-setter, and even near the toilet.

Providing a great luxurious design:

❤️️ Metal Base
❤️️ LED Lighting

Straight Out Of A Fairytale 🧚‍♀️

"...I fell in love with it immediately! Can't stop staring at it! Just put my sparkly lamp on and I love it."

- Vestalyn Naeli -



SparklyLamps designed the moon lamp to match your everyday life - our perfect sizing lamp will make it easier for you to place it anywhere.

Approximately Sizing:
Height: 30cm / 11.8inch
Width: 18cm / 4.3inch
Base Diameter: 11cm / 7inch


We are shipping our SparklyLamps fully ready to use!
Just insert 3xAAA batteries OR plug the USB cable to your computer / phone charger.


SparklyLamps is made of metal, making it one of the most durable lamps out there! Enjoy high quality and luxurious feeling with our moon lamp.


Power Supply: USB with switch / 3xAA batteries (not included)
Material: Black metal, hand-woven with fiber rope
Pendant: High end transparent plastic
Lamp: 20 Copper wire LED lights

Package Included: 
1x SparklyLamp